Can't we all just get along!

I know I'm not the only one that want to run and snatch the phone from my boyfriend/husband hands sometimes. Especially when I feel as if he's not handling the situation properly, or if I feel he's being taken advantage of. Most times men tend to just go along with things because they don't want to "cause drama" or this use to be my favorite, "I just don't want her to take me to child support"so they just go with the flow of things. There has to be a point where the excuses end, and thats normally when the new relationship gets serious.

Most times in blended families there's a dislike or a distrust between the bio mother and the step mother/girlfriend without them getting to know each other. It seems that society has portrayed to the world that this is how things should be. So without even realizing most people react that way. What happens if before we react with a positive mindset going into the situation, and we try to actually get to know the other person. Or we communicate, and try to go into the relationship with an open mind. If your mindset is positive than your actions will be positive. I'm so happy that I have very good relationships with my children bio moms however they didn't start that way.

In the beginning I wish I would have approached the situation differently to avoid a lot of unnecessary drama. However I'm happy I was able to learn from my mistakes and fix them. Step-parenting is much better when all parties can at least communicate to better care for the child! Sometimes being a stepparent can seem very stressful. It can sometimes feel like an endless fight. Somewhere in that fight you may feel like giving up, But trust the process.

Being the person that has to try and build a relationship with her mate and stepchild(ren) and their bio mom can be overwhelming at times. And It doesn't help if you also have baby mama drama. I was not able to build a successful relationship with my stepchildren mother until I eliminated all the drama and focused on the children. I had to make a decision to let go of everything that was in the way of building a great relationship with my stepchildren. You may even have to be the bigger person at times. Trust me its worth it!

Lets try building a loving atmosphere to raise our step/children. If the parents/step-parents are able to get along and communicate that takes so much pressure and stress off of the child(ren). Lets try to be great examples. Life was so much easier for my whole family once we were all able to communicate. We don't always agree, but we communicate and work through our differences. And that is one of the best ways to blend a family.


A negative mindset leads to negative actions and a positive mindset leads to positive actions!

Sherelle Avery

Founder of "The Secret behind the STEP"